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    Sport at iDSB

    In two modern equipped gymnasiums, our team of sports teachers ensures that the children exercise. We offer swimming lessons in 3rd and 4th grade for half a year, and three hours of physical education for 5th and 6th grade.

    Both the primary school and the secondary school have a ball court in the playground, several ping pong tables and a variety of equipment for the “Bewegte Pause” (moving break). A small gym can be used by pupils of the secondary school during lunch breaks to build up muscles. Regularly organised sports events are part of school life.

    We adapt our large range of sports AG activities to the interests of our students. The activities therefore vary from year to year.

    The iDSB takes part in numerous sporting competitions with Flemish and German schools. We send our best swimmers to the annual swimming marathon in Eupen. We donate the prize money to social projects.

    European Games

    Every two years, the European Games of the German Schools Abroad take place at the iDSB. During three days, the teams compete in basketball, volleyball, football and athletics, go on excursions to Brussels and get to know each other better.

    Since 2012, the European Games between the iDSB and other German schools abroad have been held in Brussels every two years. The competition was last held here in 2022.

    The school teams consist of twelve athletes and two coaches. The competitions are held in three ball sports (volleyball, basketball, football) and three athletics disciplines (long jump, sprint, endurance run). In addition to the competitions, there is a challenging and varied social programme to encourage the students to get to know each other.

    The pupils are not only involved in the competition itself. The student councils of the individual schools also play a major role in organising the project, looking after the teams that travel to the games and providing media coverage of the games in the form of photo documentation and writing press reports.

    Whether it is about the accommodation of the competitors, the catering or the accompaniment before or after the competitions: Not only the pupils and students, but also the parents, teachers, the administration team and the board of the Association of German Schools Brussels strive for a smooth process and an exciting time.

    The European Games have a great significance for iDSB: they have a high integrative effect and show how important the sense of togetherness of the school community is.

    The previous European Games were reported on in the German-language media in Belgium (https://www.belgieninfo.net/sportsgeist-teamgeist-und-leckere-wuerstchen/).

    The second European Games in 2014 were already honoured by the Office of the Federal President. The then Federal President Gauck encouraged the iDSB not to slacken in its commitment, both for the youth and for European integration. Oliver Bierhoff, manager of the German national football team, was the patron of the third European Games. In his welcoming speech, he emphasised the representative role of all Germans living abroad. The participants found these personal words very motivating.

    Die 5. Europaspiele in 2022

    Sports highlight for the start of school

    Young people from eight different countries, with many more nationalities and languages, met in Brussels from 16 September to 18 September to take on the sporting challenges of the European Games at the iDSB.

    Around 120 athletes from Toulouse, Geneva, Dublin, London, Warsaw, Hamburg and Brussels had gathered to compete against each other in three ball sports and three athletics disciplines and to take home the coveted trophy at the end. In addition to the sporting exchange, the colourful social programme certainly offered a first step towards this goal: In addition to the traditional get-to-know-you party with sausages and drinks, an excursion to Brussels city centre was on the agenda.

    Despite bad weather, the good mood was not dampened. Even on the square, the students braved the continuous Belgian rain with good humour. The great performances of the athletes also contributed to this. From the energetic basketball competition, in which the iDSB team won, to the thrilling athletics competitions with dream times and dream distances, to the close outcome of the volleyball final, the fans were treated to a lot.

    The German School The Hague emerged from the tournament as the well-deserved winner of this year’s European Games. But it was not only the sporting achievements of the young athletes that delighted everyone, but also the great team spirit among all participants. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the sports assistants, parents and sports fans for their active involvement!

    It was an all-round successful event that shone through fair play and mutual respect. We are already looking forward to the next European Games in 2024, when we will take back the trophy.

    We would like to thank everyone who made these games possible, especially the sports department, the iDSB sports assistants, the sports and festivities committee, the school management and the parents’ council for their financial support.


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