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    Our pedagogical offer

    Bilingual Preschool

    We care for children aged 3 months to 6 years in a safe and secure environment. In our bilingual kindergarten, our youngest children are allowed to develop individually into little personalities.

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    Elementary School

    Our four-year primary school is open to an international student body. We place great emphasis on challenging and encouraging our students. The primary language of instruction is German.

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    Our Realschule starts with grade 5 (Orientierungsstufe) and leads to the Hauptschulabschluss at the end of grade 9 or to the mittlere Schulabschluss in grade 10.

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    Technical College

    Our Technical College (Fachoberschule, FOS) is a two-year course of education with a focus on business & administration and social affairs, which concludes with the general entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences.

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    Secondary School

    Our Gymnasium starts in grade 5 and concludes at the end of grade 12 with the German International Abitur Examination (DIAP).

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