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    Welcome to the iDSB as parents!

    Here we would like to introduce you to everything the school community has in store for you: special offers for newcomers, leisure activities and opportunities to help shape life at the school.

    Would you like to introduce yourself and your child to the new school before it really starts? Then you should make a note of the date for the welcome picnic. On the Sunday before the start of school, you will meet other parents, your child can already make friends with classmates and a whole lot of practical questions can be clarified quickly and incidentally. You will receive a welcome email about two weeks before your child starts school with a range of useful information for the start, plus contact with parents from your child’s class.

    Of particular interest to new parents is the Info Café, which takes place every Thursday from 8:00 – 9:00 am in the Oberschule. It is organised by parents for parents. The focus is on mutual exchange, sometimes the meeting has a special theme.

    At the beginning of the school year, the school management and the administrative board invite all parents to a welcome event with an information exchange. It is a good opportunity to get an overview of the school and the new life in Brussels. Many contact persons from the teachers and parents as well as external partners such as the sports club, instrumental teachers, etc. introduce themselves and their activities and are available for discussion.

    „Being part of the iDSB feels like being part of a big family. My daughters and I are very happy about this. We enjoy spending time there, even beyond regular school hours. As a parent representative, I experience the institution very intensively and positively. Parents are heard here. I am proud to be able to play an active role in this.“

    Serap Erismis, Mother

    Life in Belgium

    For those of you who are new not only to school but also to Belgium, parents have put together practical information and links to other websites. We hope you will find what you are looking for there!


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