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    Identity is for us:

    In a powerful school community with a diverse and multilingual offer also outside the subject lessons, our students experience appreciation and confidence in their abilities. Therefore, in addition to the the gerneral university entrance qualification (the German International “Abitur”, DIA) they acquire profound roots and a stable set of values.

    Identity in school life

    Celebrations & Festivities

    Traditional German celebrations and festivities are an integral part of our everyday school life: the enrolment of the 1st graders with “Schultüten” (large school cones filled with sweets and little presents for their first school day), the “Laternenfest” (Lantern Festival) and “Nikolaus” (St. Nicholas Festival) in KiBi and primary school, the Christmas concert and Christmas market as well as the big Abitur prom are just a few examples of our festive culture that keeps us together and makes us proud of each other.

    School Trips

    “It is necessary to travel in to learn.” As Mark Twain well knew, this is also true for the students of the iDSB. After school trips to the picturesque French-speaking Ferme du Monceau in 5th grade and a versatile sports week in Bütgenbach (5th grade), the 7th grade spends adventure days in the Hessian low mountain range Vogelsberg: hikes through the autumnal forests, stargazing and many team-building games bring the children closer to nature and strengthen the class spirit.
    After a week in Avignon in the 9th grade, the 11th and 12th grade class trips are once again themed “pure German culture”: For our 11th graders, it’s off to Berlin, where numerous visits to museums and theatres are on the agenda. The graduating classes travel to the cultural city of Weimar and follow in the footsteps of the great German intellectuals Goethe, Schiller, Herder and Wieland.

    German as a second/foreign language

    Our goal is to enable all our pupils to have a successful career in the German school system. For children whose mother tongue is not German, our “German as a Second/Foreign Language” programme offers extensive support: Through intensive diagnostics and a scientifically based support concept, the children are individually supported in linguistically integrating themselves into the classroom and our school routine.

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