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    Board of Governors

    The Board of Governors acts as a team with different areas of responsibility and the common goal of ensuring the well-being of the association, its members, the school and, last but not least, the students. It works closely with the school management, the parents’ council and the student council.

    You can contact the Board of Governors at schulverein@idsb.eu.

    The Board of Governors was newly elected on 11.12.2023.

    The members of the Board of Governors and their areas of responsibility are:

     Dr. Vanessa Nozar: Chairperson
    • Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Voigt: 1st Vice Chair
    • Jan Schmucker: 2nd Vice Chair
    • Helmut Wagner: General Secretary
    • Stephan Bauer: Tresuarer
    • Stefan Frey
    • Marco Angermeier
    • Dr. Uwe Klapproth

    (from left): Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Voigt, Stefan Frey, Helmut Wagner, Dr. Uwe Klapproth, Dr. Vanessa Nozar, Jan Schmucker, Marco Angermeier, Stephan Bauer

    The Board of Governors’ representative is Mr. Wolfgang Weber.

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