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    Identity. Internationality. Integration.

    A warm welcome

    As Brussels’ oldest international school, we have been offering our 600 students an excellent education based on German curricula since 1803. Newcomers quickly feel comfortable with us due to our family atmosphere. We offer individual solutions for different lifestyles and situations. Every child or adolescent finds a suitable path at the iDSB, from kindergarten to the final exams.

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    Our pedagogical offer

    Bilingual Pre-school

    We care for children aged 3 months to 6 years in a safe and secure environment. In our bilingual kindergarten, our youngest children are allowed to develop individually into little personalities.

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    Elementary School

    Our four-year primary school is open to international students. We place great emphasis on challenging and encouraging our students. The primary language of instruction is German.

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    Our Realschule starts with grade 5 (Orientierungsstufe) and leads to the Hauptschulabschluss at the end of grade 9 or to the mittlere Schulabschluss in grade 10.

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    Technical College

    Our Technical College (Fachoberschule, FOS) is a two-year course of education with a focus on business & administration and social affairs, which concludes with the general entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences.

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    Secondary School

    Our Gymnasium starts in grade 5 and concludes at the end of grade 12 with the German International Abitur Examination (DIAP).

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    years of excellent education


    nationalities enrich our everyday school life


    How can I register my child? Is there a registration deadline?

    You can register your child without obligation here. Or you can contact our Welcome Office directly.

    E-mail: aufnahme@idsb.eu or phone: +32 (0) 2 785 0 135.

    We do not have any deadlines for registration. Registrations during the year are also possible.

    Is only German spoken at the iDSB? Can my child catch up on languages if necessary?

    In our bilingual day care centre with preschool, you have the choice between German / English and German / French groups.

    In the primary and secondary school, the language of instruction is German.

    In the primary school, we offer English or French from grade 1 with four school hours per week. In addition, French and English are offered within the all-day programme.

    In the Oberschule, our children have English and French from Grade 5. Our bilingual subject teaching from grade 6 onwards also enables our pupils to achieve a high level of language competence. Our language programme is complemented by Spanish and Dutch. Pupils with previous knowledge can take the Latinum. If necessary, English and French can be caught up on in catch-up courses.

    Our aim is to enable all our pupils to have a successful career in the German school system. Therefore, we offer our programme “German as a Second/Foreign Language (DaZ/DaF)” as comprehensive support for children whose mother tongue is not German.

    How much are the school fees? Can we apply for a discount for my child?

    You can find all the important information about our school fees here.

    We understand that your child’s education at an international public school can be a big investment for your family. In order to support our families who pay the school fees from their own funds or a large part of them themselves – without direct or indirect remuneration from employers or third parties – we therefore offer various discount options. All information about our discounts can be found in our school fee schedule.

    When are holidays? Is there holiday care?

    Here you can see our holiday calendar.

    We offer our KiBi children great holiday care with our German-speaking and pedagogically trained staff. We offer a varied programme in mixed-age groups: between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, the little ones play indoors and outdoors, engage in creative activities and go on culinary excursions. The childcare programme is aimed at kindergarten children. We also welcome children from other institutions during the holiday care. KiBi is closed during the Christmas and 3 weeks of the summer holidays.

    Which books does my child need? Is there also digital teaching content?

    You can find our current school and material lists here:

    Primary School
    Technical College (Fachoberschule)
    Secondary School

    In order to offer our pupils modern teaching, we work with digital teaching content at an early stage.

    “I have three children at the iDSB. All three have felt very comfortable since day one and they have made great friends right from the start. The welcome from the iDSB team has been very warm and we look forward to the next few years at this unique school.”

    Susanne Koch, Mother
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