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    Welcome to the iDSB elementary school

    Our four-year elementary school is open to an international student population. Around 50% of our families are at least bilingual.

    Class sizes range from 17 to 25 children. Our classes have a maximum of 25 students.

    Our children learn in mandatory classes from 8:00 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. or 1:15 p.m.

    After lessons end, we offer an optional afternoon program until 3:40pm or 6:00pm.

    We offer English or French in the elementary school from grade 1 with four school hours per week.

    “All students are at the center of our work. Since every child is different, it is important to me that we encourage and challenge them in terms of their individual abilities. We want to arouse curiosity, develop teamwork skills and create opportunities for independent acquisition of knowledge.”

    Dominik Haba, Head of the elementary school

    Pupil numbers and classes

    About 170 students are currently learning in our elementary school classes. Class sizes range from 17 to 25, with a maximum of 25 children.

    We are looking forward to many new children in this new school year 23-24. We have already (almost) reached our maximum number of children in our 1st and 3rd grade classes, so that an admission commitment for the school year 24-25 is not possible at this time. We are happy to add your children to our waiting list.

    Teaching times

    Our students learn in mandatory classes from 8:00 am to 12:25 pm or 1:15 pm (grade 4 on Thursday until 3:40 pm).

    Our full-day care

    After classes end, we offer an optional afternoon program until 3:40 or 6:00 pm: After lunch, the children can choose a variety of working groups in sports, music, creativity, nature, digital and languages. In addition, they can do their homework and play in our spacious outdoor area.

    During the “colorful time” until 6:00 p.m., the children are accompanied by our pedagogical team in a child-oriented and cross-age manner.

    Holiday care

    We are pleased to be able to offer your children holiday care for the Easter holidays (08 to 12.04.2024) and Whitsun holidays (13 to 17.05.2024). The childcare hours are daily from 8 am to 4 pm. Registration for the Easter holidays starts on 09.02.2024.

    If capacity permits, we are also happy to accept registrations from external children.

    Our holiday calendar can be found HERE.

    Teaching language

    We teach in German.

    Information from our “German as a Second/Foreign Language” team can be found HERE.

    Foreign languages & electives

    In elementary school, we offer English or French from grade 1 with four school hours per week. In addition, French and English are offered within the all-day program.

    You can find lots of exciting information on the topic of “Foreign Languages in Elementary School” HERE.


    Education is based on the Thuringian educational plan, which is considered a high-quality educational standard. This ensures successful school transfers within the German schools abroad or to Germany. In addition, our comprehensive school curriculum with its educational offerings is tailored to the needs of our students..

    Elementary School Recommendation

    After the first semester of grade 4, our students receive a written recommendation and detailed counseling for the secondary school in grade 5. The decision about the choice of educational program is the responsibility of the parents.

    Our welcoming culture includes …

    • Possible trial days before registration.
    • A mentoring by godchildren who help your child in the first time.
    • Many opportunities within our school offerings to quickly become friends with other children.
    • A school environment that offers excellent advices and a network to settle down quickly in Belgium.



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    Dominik Haba

    Elementary school management

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