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    Our all-day activities

    Learning Together & Living Together

    For our students, the iDSB is a very special place to live. One reason for this is our exceptional all-day programme.

    Lunchtime: Our pupils have the choice between a hot lunch in the refectory, a picnic brought from home or a delicious snack from the bistro in the secondary school.

    OSplus all-day activities: During the lunch break at secondary school, numerous AGs are offered in the subject areas of movement, music, creative, extra and lesson-supplementary offers in the areas of language and mathematics.

    GSplus all-day activities: From 2.10 pm, the AGs start in the primary school. Football, cooking and clay are particularly popular, but the swimming club at Castle Club is also exciting!

    At the same time, homework time begins. Here, homework is done under pedagogical supervision.

    Supervision until 6 pm: During colourful time (1st-3rd grade), we do handicrafts, cook, bake, play and have fun on excursions and at festivals.

    In the Pupils’ Club (4th-8th grade), the focus is on creative activities, sports and games, festivities such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter, and chilling out.

    In the primary school, lessons end at midday, with the exception of the extended Thursday of the fourth classes. The Oberschule is an all-day school with classes on at least three afternoons per week.

    In all school branches, there is a one-hour lunch break during which the children and young people can eat the food they have brought with them, as well as delicious meals in the refectory or snacks from the bistro. In the secondary school, in addition to the break, the pupils use the time for study groups with a focus on music or can give free rein to their energy in the sports hall with our open sports programme. The students, who have been trained as sports assistants, offer a sports programme for grades 5-12 three times a week during the lunch break.

    Room for development

    In the primary school, after lunch, the homework time or the study groups (AG) for the 1st to 4th grade start – under pedagogical supervision, the children do their homework and then let off steam in the fresh air in our inviting playground.

    A wide range of activities in the areas of language, nature, sport, music, theatre and art take place in both the primary and secondary school. In cooking in English, Lego Robotics, theatre or Model United Nations, young people can try out, train and show their skills and strengths in an appreciative environment.

    From 3.40 p.m. onwards, a special cross-grade late offer (Colourful Time in the primary school or Pupils’ Club in the secondary school) starts in the primary and secondary school until 6 p.m. with many opportunities to play, read and rest. Homework can also be done or, for example, students can practise for their papers. Changing activities such as cooking, excursions and festivals like Halloween, Christmas and Easter are special highlights!

    The primary school and secondary school fee tariff includes up to two study groups per child and the primary school+ or secondary school+ long tariff includes up to three study groups and the all-day offer until 6 pm. Additional study groups are charged at a separate rate.

    Our multi-professional all-day team promotes a lively community and gives children and young people the space to try out their independence.

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