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    The daily schedule of our elementary school

    A typical school day at our elementary school is presented by some of our experts: our children!

    Welcome to our school! Let us introduce you to our school day. Come along and join us!

    07:35 am

    I am often at school before classes start. Sometimes I play with my friends outside in the schoolyard. But I also like to meet up for storytelling in the amphitheater.

    8:00 am

    Our teacher welcomes us and we start the first lesson on time. After intensive work, I look forward to our breakfast together. Most of the time, we are read to.

    9:30 am

    After intensive work, I look forward to our first break. I usually go to the schoolyard for this to air out, romp around, climb, and play soccer. We fourth graders hand out the playground equipment and scooters. I already see children climbing on the “spider” and the little ones are already sitting in the bird swing. Those who prefer to read can go to the school library, which is organized by parents.

    9:50 am

    Today is Tuesday – learning studio time! In my group we interview children from our school and show what happens in other learning studios. For example, we have already taken photos of the stories written in the writing studio.

    11:20 am

    I see the 2nd grade kids running into the gym for their moving recess today. Everyone else is playing outside or reading in our library. I prefer to go to the music room for relaxed recess to enjoy the sounds of singing bowls or yoga.

    11:40 am

    In our third learning period, we usually have specialized lessons. With paintbrushes, hammers or even voices, we transform ourselves into artists, craftsmen or musicians. I particularly enjoy the creative work. But everyone is different. Some days we learn English or French.

    12:25 pm

    Die ersten und zweiten Klassen haben jetzt (außer mitFirst and second grades are now out of class (except Wednesdays) and go to lunch or home.

    13:15 pm

    Now the third and fourth classes and me have finished our lessons. We meet with our class teacher and go to the cafeteria to eat together. Some of my friends are having a picnic in the afternoon care room. Afterwards, I go to my favorite place in the schoolyard, walk on stilts, work in the school garden, or play table tennis.

    14:10 – 15:40 pm

    I always look forward to the many afternoon study groups! There are many different activities such as musicals, reading club, soccer and cooking in French. We can try out, train and show our special skills and strengths here. If I don’t have an AG, I go to the task time and make sure that I have understood everything in class. There our class teacher supports, advises and accompanies us.

    15:40 pm

    Today i will be picked up at school to go home. I play at home, date with friends or look forward to the sports club or music school….

    15:40 – 18:00 pm

    Those who stay longer visit the “Bunte Zeit” (colorful time). There we are together with two educators. We paint, cook, play or read and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. I especially like our joint celebrations and excursions. When my father picks me up, he sometimes plays soccer with me. Then it’s time for my (other) home!ist es Zeit für mein (anderes) Zuhause!

    By the way…

    Our highlights at school are the class representative meetings with our social pedagogue, the monthly school assemblies in the amphitheater, the weekly class council, the elementary school kiosk organized by students, readings by children’s book authors, learning trips to the exciting Belgian countryside or to Brussels, and much more.

    What do you think? Would you like to become a part of us?

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