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    Learning for life

    Learning at iDSB goes beyond simply teaching subject knowledge. Our students develop an understanding of themselves and the world through communication and collaboration, working in teams and on projects. Essentially, our students gain important experiences for their personal lives.

    Focus Day in Brussels

    The “Social Engagement” team, which is made up of students, parents and teachers, regularly participates in various social projects around Brussels. On a Focus Day organized by the Serve The City organization, the iDSB participants were able to demonstrate their commitment and gain a lot of valuable experience by painting walls in refugee shelters, playing with children in a homeless shelter or gardening in an old people’s home.

    Fit 4 Life

    We make you fit for life!

    The “Fit 4 Life” program is very popular among our Students . External project teams and facilitators work with the learners in interdisciplinary lessons on important topics such as media, health, self-assertion, fitness and healthy eating, first aid, sexuality and contraception education, and drug preention. Important to us are career-oriented internships and events to prepare for studies and career choices.


    A groundbreaking Human Rights Day initiative!

    Hasn’t tolerance now become a (at least almost) self-evident virtue in democratic, united Europe? Most would probably have answered the question with “yes” not too long ago, without too much hesitation. But at the latest since the European refugee crisis, which has brought millions of people from other cultural circles to Central Europe, the question has arisen as to how people can live together peacefully despite what may be very different ways of life, religions and moral concepts. However, the explosive nature of this topic, especially here in Brussels, is something that the students of the iDSB certainly could not have dreamed of when, long before the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, they launched the inter-school, inter-national and interdisciplinary project “Tolerance! Using a variety of approaches, the students worked on this complex topic and presented their results in a fascinating exhibition.

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