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    Linguistic diversity

    If they are interested, students at the technical high school can continue lessons in Dutch and French. English is a mandatory part of the curriculum and is specifically promoted with a high number of hours in order to prepare our children for internships in renowned European companies.

    To strengthen foreign language interests, we encourage our students to participate in the national foreign language competition or in student exchanges. These include “Wij praten Nederlands” with the students of Heilig Hart College in Tervuren or “Nous parlons français” with young Walloons from our partner school in Arlon. Other partner school programs have been set up with the Lycée Français Jean Monnet de Bruxelles or the DY Patil School in Antwerp, which gives us access to a worldwide school network, the “Bridges-to-Asia” program.

    By participating in Model United Nations, particularly gifted students are challenged to put their foreign language skills to the test. In the process, students are invited to simulated United Nations Conferences and act as representatives of member countries. Some particularly eloquent speakers from our school have also already been rewarded with one of the coveted awards!

    Language support for lateral entrants

    For students who come to us from other educational systems or countries, we offer targeted adaptation instruction both inside and outside the classroom. We offer remedial courses in French and English for newcomers to the school, both in-house and in cooperation with external language institutes. Children who do not yet speak, read and write German well enough receive intensive support in our German as a Foreign Language courses.

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