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    The natural sciences begin in grade 5 with biology, followed by physics in grade 7 and chemistry in grade 8. Information technology can also be taken.

    Observations, investigations and experiments also take place after regular classes, for example in the “Adventure in Natural Sciences” study group. The inquisitive team of young researchers tackles interesting questions such as: Why is the grass green? Why does soda foam? How do you paint with light or how can you see with your ears?

    Strong in maths

    We strengthen the core subject of mathematics to challenge good students, but also to ensure that all learners achieve a satisfactory level of mathematics as a foundation. That’s why we teach math as a five-hour course in all grades. Math practice lessons, close integration of grades 5-8 with the same teachers, individual support services, and our student-help-student program ensure a solid mathematical foundation.

    We regularly participate in competitions such as the Kangaroo Competition and Mathematics without Borders to promote interest in mathematical questions. Among approximately 5,000 participating groups at the Long Night of Mathematics, our students achieve very high rankings every year and were able to enjoy the overall victory of the competition in 2014.

    They’ve got a big head at the iDSB!

    Since the 2016/2017 school year, the iDSB has been participating in the Belgian school project Xperibird.be, which is run by the Natural History Museum in Brussels. Schools study the nesting times and breeding success of titmouse species using nest boxes with built-in cameras. The schools are thus contributing with their data to a nationwide study on the influences of climate change on the breeding behavior of birds.

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