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    We do research and discover

    Child-friendly topics from the realities of our children’s lives are the focus of a wide range of activities. Whether in science or mathematics, handicrafts, art or music – we want to spark children’s curiosity and motivation to learn.

    The snail by the wayside, the classmate’s dog, my teeth, our host country Belgium, Brussels with its EU institutions – the reality of our children’s lives is at the center of science lessons at the iDSB. This is where the foundation is laid for successful further learning in the science subjects from grade 5 onwards.

    Satisfying curiosity and sparking it further: To do this, we activate our students’ existing knowledge and expand it with learning methods such as collecting, observing, researching, experimenting, organizing, documenting, and reflecting. Central topics are dealt with in an interdisciplinary manner and the children are guided systematically,

    • To set up and carry out experiments.
    • Create exhibitions.
    • To give presentations.
    • to make drawings and collages.
    • to work with observation sheets.

    Thanks to a well-equipped collection, the children can explore topics using models, workshops and experimental materials (e.g. Lego Mindstorms). Extracurricular learning sites, which are visited together, among other things, also play a major role:

    • At the dentist (class 1)
    • Introduction to the police dogs (class 2)
    • Exploration of the forest (class 3)
    • Walking tour of the city of Brussels (class 4)

    Exploring, discovering, explaining with the help of “good tasks”.

    In this module, the focus is on the tasks in mathematics lessons. With the help of “good tasks”, process-related competencies (argumentation, communication, problem solving, representation, modeling) are to be developed and consolidated. The focus is on understanding mathematics as an activity in which students can discover and use mathematical patterns and structures. To this end, we have, among other things, created our own “MatheLab” in which the children can research and work independently.

    Trips & Excursions

    Our excursions and school trips are an important part of school life. They illustrate and reinforce curriculum content, and serve to strengthen the class community. The educational subject excursions enable our students to learn at extracurricular locations and, along the way, bring them closer to the attractive recreational opportunities around Brussels.

    The 4th grade at a farm

    Every school year, the 4th graders go to the Walloon farm “La Ferme du Monceau” for a few days. There, the children experience country life: Every day the animals are taken care of, they bake their own bread and make real sheep wool, our students ride donkeys and horses and learn real Walloon farm dances. 


    Visit to Wezembeek police station

    As part of their science lessons, the 1st graders visit our “neighbors” from the police station in Wezembeek-Oppem. Under expert guidance, the children are allowed to take a close look at the station, the police vehicles and even the specially trained police dogs and learn how they can recognize the police in Belgium and that they can get help there in an emergency..

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