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    We learn together

    In our bilingual kindergarten and pre-school, we experience cultural diversity every day. We are a colorful, multilingual community with different nationalities and cultures.

    Socio-emotional skills are a basic building block for the development of every child

    • We say hello to each other and start the day together
    • We connect, experience and nurture friendships with the young and old
    • We feel responsible
    • We learn how to interact with each other respectfully
    • We help, support and enrich one another
    • We find comfort, devotion and appreciation
    • We are fair

    Learning with targets

    Culture and language

    At the bilingual kindergarten with pre-school, your child will experience the German language and culture every day. The second language (English or French) is added in a playful way.

    We ensure a child-friendly atmosphere for our children based on the immersion method. They are supervised bilingual in our “language pool”, according to the group which they belong. The focus is always on the child’s enjoyment of learning the language and experiencing this “language pool” as something natural. In addition, the German language can be strengthend and developed through our programme “German as a second/foreign language (DaZ/DaF)”.

    Discover and learn with joy

    We ensure that your child’s curiosity, joy of discovering new things and motivation to explore is supported and upheld. Therefore the bilingual kindergarten provides creative offers, activities, experiments, free play materials and exploration areas in the group room. In the afternoon, your child chooses one of the joint activities. Above all, this grows your child’s independence and soical interactions. 



    Your child is unique and will be supported in his or her individual strengths, challenges and interests. The personal development of your child is close to our hearts, each of our groups offers opportunities for development and space for individual needs.

    A gentle transition to primary school

    Through special tasks and projects our 5 to 6 year old children are prepared for entering the primary school. Mathematical/logical, linguistic, fine motor and socio-emotional skills are extended and consolidated in small groups. The aim is to ensure a gentle transition  to primary school.

    This transition is ensured by introducing your child gently and step by step to the organizational form, working methods and requirements of the 1st grade. 

    Pedagogic quality

    Your child and his or her individual learning process are our focus. The goal of our work is to promote and accompany the development of personality through age-appropriate, challenging and creative offers in all important areas. Our pedagogical work is based on the Thuringian educational plan, which, as a modern and comprehensive educational concept, is consistently based on the individual needs of the child and thus guarantees intensive support. Qualified educators are in charge of each group.

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