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    Diversity as an opportunity

    The diversity of each individual is the lifeblood of every school! We accompany each child according to their individual prerequisites on their way through elementary school and prepare them for their school career.

    We are pleased to have a committed and educationally interested parent community whose children were born in Belgium or Germany or in other parts of the world and enrich us culturally as well as linguistically.

    At the iDSB, we see diversity not only as an opportunity, but as a necessity, so that even young children can experience community spirit, tolerance, a sense of responsibility and dealing with those who think differently on their way to becoming increasingly independent learners.

    Those who later want to live as team players and work responsibly need strong social skills. Numerous concepts anchored in our curricula, socio-pedagogical offers of our employees ensure the important social component in school.

    In order to be able to offer all our elementary school children the best possible learning support, there are very professional support systems for each child:

    German as a second language

    Around 50% of our elementary school students grow up at least bilingual at home. We want to further strengthen this wealth of languages.
    At the same time, teaching spoken and written German is a crucial task for our school. For native as well as second and foreign language learners, we offer intensive individual and small group support.

    Inclusion as a chance

    At the iDSB, we teach inclusively from kindergarten, advise parents according to individual needs, and accompany children with and without inclusion diagnostics on their individual learning and life paths.

    Understanding inclusion & diversity as an opportunity

    Diversity is a characteristic of our school, here everyone learns together. We understand inclusion in a broad sense – breaking down barriers to play, learning and participation. In doing so, we focus on pedagogical quality, systematic teamwork in all areas of everyday school life, and cooperation with parents.

    And so we act according to the principle

    How do we have to design the offers (structures and practices) within our financial possibilities, so that every child can be supported in the best possible way? Together with the school’s Psychological-Pedagogical Service, we find solutions to adapt learning and play to children who have different needs

    Psychologisch-Pädagogischer Dienst

    With the school’s own Psychological-Pedagogical Service of the iDSB, we offer your child, all parents and staff* an excellent and professionally positioned counseling and support outside Germany.

    Support for children, parents, teachers and school

    Children, parents, teachers and schools are the focus of the work of the Psychological-Pedagogical Service (PPD). Its goal is to stimulate personality development, strengthen the community and promote well-being at school.

    The multiprofessional team provides support and counseling for challenges in everyday school life, as needed, in confidential one-on-one sessions, through group activity, or through system support.

    leigenen Psychologisch-Pädagogischen Dienst der iDSB, bieten wir Ihrem Kind, allen Eltern und Mitarbeiter*innen eine hervorragende und professionell aufgestellte Beratung und Unterstützung außerhalb Deutschlands an.

    Unterstützung für Kinder, Eltern, Lehrkräfte und Schule

    Kinder, Eltern, Lehrkräfte und Schule stehen im Mittelpunkt der Arbeit des Psychologisch-Pädagogischen Dienstes (PPD). Es ist dessen Ziel die Persönlichkeitsentwicklung anzuregen, die Gemeinschaft zu stärken und das Wohlbefinden in der Schule zu fördern.

    Das multiprofessionelle Team unterstützt und berät bei Herausforderungen des Schulalltags je nach Bedarf in vertraulichem Einzelgespräch, mittels Gruppenaktivität oder durch Systemunterstützung.

    Here’s how we approach it:

    • We counsel, coach, and accompany children, parents, and teachers through challenges of everyday school life with the goal of improving classroom and school climate.
    • We advise and assist in diagnostic processes to ensure appropriate support and treatment.
    • We create support plansHere’s how we approach it: for students to optimize learning and performance (LRS, dyscalculia, ADHD).
    • We participate in class conferences and pedagogical conferences in order to help implement support measures.
    • We coordinate the cooperation between the school and our external network of helpers and arrange contacts to external specialists (if necessary) in order to be able to guarantee effective and sustainable help.
    • We plan, implement and evaluate projects and activities for students to strengthen life and social skills.
    • We accompany class trips in order to observe group dynamic processes and to offer recreational and experiential education.
    • We organize training courses and lectures for parents and teachers to expand and deepen knowledge and skills in dealing with children and adolescents.


    Anne-Kathrin Albl – Social Pedagogue

    Ulrike Lehmann – Social Pedagogue

    Madeleine Mentior – Psychologist

    ppd@idsb.eu oder +32.2.785 01 45

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