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    Welcome to the iDSB bilingual kindergarten with pre-school

    Our bilingual kindergarten and pre-school is open to children aged between 2 and 6 years. In our crèche, the Krabbelkäfer group, we also look after the very youngest children from 3 months, in a loving and secure way.

    Our bilingual kindergarten and pre-school is open to children from 2 to 6 years. In our crèche, the Krabbelkäfer group, we also take care for the very youngest from 3 months, in a loving and secure way.

    Our kindergarten day starts at 8:00 am. You choose how long your child is staying with us – until 3:40 or until 6:00 pm (late care is not available in the crèche).

    In our “language pool” (from the age of 3), the children are supervised by a German-speaking and an English- or French-speaking specialist.

    An exciting pre-school program is the ideal preparation for the primary school.  

    Structure of the bilingual kindergarten and pre-school

    In our crèche we take care for children from 3 months. Our bilingual kindergarten with pre-school is open to children from 2 to 6 years old. About 50% of our families are at least bilingual.

    Group structure

    We accept the youngest children in the crèche from the age of 3 months. The maximum group size here is 12 children, who are lovingly supervised by three pedagogical specialists. We still have a few spots available in our Krabbelkäfer group, and we look forward to welcoming new members.

    Our younger children (2 to about 3.5 years) start in the toddler groups “Regenbogen” and “Kunterbunt”. These groups are purely German-speaking and are specially designed to meet the basic needs of very young children. The maximum group size here is 15 children.

    The bilingual kindergarten with pre-school consists of five mixed-age bilingual family groups, with each up to 23 children between 3 and 6 years. Each group is led by two pedagogical specialists.

    We are happy to welcome many new children in this new school year 23-24. In some groups of KiBi we have already reached our maximum number of children, so that an admission during the year is currently only possible in the German-English family groups. We are happy to offer to put your children on our waiting list for possible enrolment in our other groups.

    Childcare hours

    Our day starts at 8:00 am. If needed, we welcome your child from 7:30 am for the early daycare.

    You can choose how long your child stays with us – until 3:40 pm or until 6:00 pm. After the regular closing time of our kindergarten, your child (2 years and older) is welcome to play with us in our late care until 6:00 pm.

    During the holidays, we look after our KiBi children in our Stage programmes with our German-speaking and pedagogically trained staff. In mixed-age groups, we offer a varied holiday programme for children between the ages of two and six: Between 08:00 and 16:00, the children play on indoor & outdoor movement landscapes, engage in creative activities and go on culinary forays. The childcare offer is aimed at kindergarten children. KiBi is closed during the Christmas holidays and for 3 weeks during the summer holidays.

    From 15.09. to 29.09.2023 parents can register their KiBi children for the iDSB autumn holiday care in Phidias.

    External children are welcome, here the registration takes place only in October, from 05.10. to 11.10.2023. You can find the registration forms HERE.

    You can find our holiday calendar HERE.

    Group language

    Crèche and toddler groups: German

    Bilingual family groups: German/French or German/English


    We ensure a child-friendly atmosphere for our kindergarten children based on the immersion method. In the “language pool”, the little ones are supervised by a German-speaking and an English- or French-speaking pedagogical specialist, depending on the foreign language chosen. 

    Educational plan

    Our teaching structure is based on the Thuringian Educational Plan, which is considered a high-quality educational standard. The children always take the center stage since we focus on an individualized learning process. In this regard, we have many open activities in the afternoons in addition to the kindergarten’s core hours. These are intended to arouse the interests and inclinations of the children.

    We also focus on the quality framework for kindergartens and pre-schools that is stipulated by the Central Office for Foreign Schools.

    School enrolment

    An exciting pre-school program provides the best possible preparation for entering primary school including thematic offerings and the training of basic skills. 
    You can find an overview of the activities HERE.

    Our welcoming culture includes…

    • a guided tour of the nursery or kindergarten,
    • an individual gentle familiarisation period for each child, which is accompanied by the parents,
    • many opportunities to easily make friends with schoolmates during our school activities
    • a school community that offers you excellent tips and a network to help you quickly and easily find your way in Belgium


    Enrolment bilingual kindergarten with pre-school

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