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    Fit and healthy through the school day: cafeteria and canteen

    A school day can often be long and exhausting. Therefore, it is more important to have the right refreshments in between. In the cafeteria and canteen of the iDSB, our students can get something healthy to eat when they are hungry.

    Our canteen

    The iDSB canteen is housed in a bright, colourful room in the secondary school and can accommodate around 100 children. We cooperate with AGAPE, a non-profit organisation of the Flemish government. This caterer prepares high-quality meals for numerous crèches and kindergartens, schools and universities in Flanders.

    The meals in our cafeteria are characterised by:

    • Local origin of ingredients
    • Use of seasonal products
    • Low-fat and carefully prepared dishes
    • Balanced and divers menus
    • Vegetarian menus and fish meals
    • Strict control of suppliers and compliance with the cold chain

    You can find the current menu plan in our download area.

    The canteen is open to our KiBi and primary school children as well as to the pupils of the secondary school and is becoming increasingly popular.

    The KiBi and primary school children eat their warm lunch under the supervision of pedagogical staff and are looked after in each group in German, English or French.

    From grade 5 onwards, registration is anymore required, so that our secondary school students can spontaneously decide whether to have a warm meal in the canteen or to get something to eat in the cafeteria. In the warmer months, the cafeteria also offers various salad buffets.

    The iDSB cafeteria

    Under the slogan “Healthier School”, the cafeteria offers a daily varying selection of:

    • freshly pressed orange juice in the autumn and winter season
    • fruits & smoothies
    • cereals and yoghurt
    • wraps, salads and vegetable snacks
    • warm snacks
    • homemade pasta and potato salads
    • fresh baguettes

    Culinary novelties from Belgium and Germany are added to the offer: vegan vegetable snacks, hot apple punch or gluten-free bars – there is something for everyone! 

    Every second Wednesday of the month, vegetarian treats are on the bistro’s menu.

    During the first and second break as well as during the lunch break, the students can buy their own food and pay cashless with their iDSB card.

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