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    Our Mission

    As a German-speaking school in the heart of Europe, we operate in an international environment. The German language and culture are the basis of our teaching and learning. Our school is a place of encounter and intercultural dialogue.

    Our school is welcoming

    In an open and familiar atmosphere, we warmly welcome all students and staff. We enable uncomplicated and rapid integration. Our school life is characterised by close cohesion, mutual appreciation and trust.

    We offer a variety of ways

    We offer our students individualised support opportunities in all school branches. We show different ways for everyone to achieve their goal in an open learning culture. Our students acquire self-confidence and professional competence. It is important to us to educate our pupils to become value-oriented personalities who have the courage to shape the future.

    Pedagogical quality is important to us

    We offer high-quality teaching. In cooperation with external experts, we ensure the constant further development of the school in order to be able to follow courageous and innovative paths in the future. Our staff in the areas of education, teaching and administration are characterised by exceptional motivation, high commitment and high qualifications.

    We learn from each other

    Learning together and from each other is a high priority at our school. Together with our students and parents, we create an attractive school.

    Our 3 “i”s


    In a strong school community with a diverse and multilingual offer also outside the subject lessons, our students experience appreciation and confidence in their abilities. Thus, in addition to the German International “Abitur”, they acquire deep roots and a stable set of values.

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    The iDSB is attended by students of more than 30 nationalities. Language diversity and intercultural dialogues are thus an important part of our togetherness and enrich our everyday school life.

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    As an excellent German school abroad, we attach great importance to the contact with our lovely host country Belgium.

    An official cooperation agreement with the German-speaking Community of East Belgium opens up new perspectives for our school community and facilitates integration into the host country Belgium.

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    Our partners

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