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  • 08.05.2024 Review

    Successful presentations of the “Tu-es-Tag” projects from the 5th classes

    On 8 May 2024, Year 5 pupils at the iDSB proudly presented their projects from the Do-it-Day. Parents, the school association and teachers were present as the pupils presented creative solutions to real life issues. The Tu-es-Tag, which comprises a project phase of around 8 weeks with four school hours per week, enables pupils to […]


    08.05.2024 Review

    Foyer talk with ZDF journalist Gunnar Krüger

    On 7 May 2024, the iDSB welcomed ZDF journalist Gunnar Krüger to the Foyer Talk. Selma Bohnen and Kasper Holte-Nielsen moderated the evening, which focussed on extremism, climate change and war. The lively exchange provided new insights for both sides, e.g. that the introduction of compulsory military service would also meet with approval among 11th […]


    08.05.2024 Review

    KiBi Festival

    There was a special event this year: instead of a summer party just before the summer holidays, there was a KiBi festival in May! In beautiful spring weather, the KiBi families met in the schoolyard of the primary school and used the time to socialise and exchange ideas. The KiBi team organised little activities for […]


    08.05.2024 News

    Save the Date: Mona Lisa Theatre on 21 and 22 May 2024

    Curtain up for the iDSB colleagues’ “Mona Lisa Theatre”: “The Five Lives of Eva Smith”, loosely based on the English crime play “An Inspector calls”. Look forward with us to the exciting story of a rebellious young woman who falls victim to murder at the beginning of the 20th century. We look forward to seeing […]


    07.05.2024 Review

    Another highlight: Our GS kiosk

    On Friday morning, another highlight took place at the primary school: our GS kiosk! 90 eggs, 9 kilograms of flour and 9 litres of milk were turned into waffles and were completely sold out after the two yard breaks. That was delicious! Now all that remains is to wait for the survey among all pupils […]


    02.05.2024 News

    Our iDSB-Newsletter April 2024

    Stay up to date with our latest iDSB newsletter. You can read about all the important upcoming dates and information about our school events HERE. Enjoy reading!


    29.04.2024 Review

    Tragedies of the Nazi era – the fates of persecuted people

    A project by the 10th class (26.04.24) Stolpersteine are more than just memorial stones. They are reminders of the victims of National Socialism that are embedded in the pavement of European cities and carry a strong message. In total, they can be found in 21 European countries, a testimony to the far-reaching significance of this […]


    26.04.2024 Review

    Spring concert delights with musical diversity

    An impressive spring concert took place at the iDSB on Tuesday evening, delighting the school community with a wide range of musical performances. From ensemble pieces to solo performances, the students demonstrated their skills and diversity in an impressive way. An evening full of emotions and unforgettable moments!


    19.04.2024 Review

    We proudly present the winning design of our limited edition design competition for our school jumpers!

    At the beginning of this year, we organised a limited edition design competition for our school sweatshirt at our secondary school. We were impressed by the many creative ideas submitted by our students. After careful review and voting, the winner was announced yesterday at our school assembly. His abstract design, which represents the school in […]


    10.04.2024 Review

    Musical adventure at the Flagey

    “Découvrez l’orchestre” – Off to the Flagey to see the Brussels Philharmonics!Shortly before the Easter holidays, the children in Years 3 and 4 experienced a very special musical highlight as part of their music lessons. The ReMuA organisation presented Peter Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” together with the Brussels Philharmonics. In preparation, we were given an exciting presentation […]


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