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  • 27.02.2024 Review

    Save the planet day – together for a sustainable future!

    A different kind of school – last Monday, the iDSB secondary school focussed on various aspects of sustainability. The pupils enjoyed gaining new insights and raising their awareness of various topics.

    It began in the second lesson with a school event that was largely organised by the pupils. After a brief introduction to the topic and the presentation of various projects from the previous half term, the highlight came – the winners of the plastic lid competition were finally announced. As a school community, we were able to collect over 60kg of plastic – the front runner with 18kg was class 7b, closely followed by class 6b and 6a! The plastic collected will be recycled and the money raised will be donated to a good cause, the training of guide dogs.

    Afterwards, there was a rich programme for all classes from the 3rd to 6th hour. The 6th graders got active, learnt about local animal protection and enjoyed making insect hotels and bird feeders. In Year 7, the focus was on the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations – the pupils worked through the content of the goals in a playful way and used their findings to formulate challenges for everyday life. Renewable energy was the motto for Year 8, who explored the topic experimentally at five stations – led by Year 10 pupils as part of a chemistry project. For the 9th grade and the upper school, we were able to recruit dedicated experts to give presentations. A special culinary highlight was the vegan food on offer in our bistro!

    The Go Green team would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the day, whether through organisation, participation or commitment. We hope that this morning has created space for discussion and increased awareness and look forward to feedback for the coming years!

    With sustainable greetings,

    The Go Green team

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