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  • 18.01.2024 Review

    iDSB spring flea market

    The next iDSB flea market is just around the corner: on 24 February 2024, it’s back at the school, this time perhaps a little earlier than usual, but that certainly won’t dampen the anticipation. So take a look in your wardrobes, cellars, storerooms and other storage areas again soon to see what you can donate to the clothes market.

    And of course there will again be stalls on the ground floor of the secondary school where you are welcome to sell your own items.

    From 5 February you can also download the booking form for the flea market. Do you have a question? Then please send an e-mail to flohmarkt@idsb.eu.

    Find every information you need in the documents hereafter:

    Veuillez trouver tous qu’en vous avez besoin dans les documents ci-dessous:

    Je vindt alle informatie die je nodig hebt in de volgende documenten:

    The flea market team needs support! Not only do we always need volunteers to help us with the preparations for the clothing market from the Thursday before the flea market, we also need to strengthen our organisation team! So, if you would like to invest a little more time and, above all, ideas, please contact the flea market team directly. In person to Michelle Braunstein, Kerstin Karwoth or Helmut Wagner, or simply by e-mail to flohmarkt@idsb.eu.

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