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  • 12.12.2023 Review

    Excursion to Aachen – Classes 7a and b

    On 21 November 2023, Year 7a and b travelled to Aachen to find out more about Charlemagne. Charlemagne is considered a central figure of the Middle Ages, he had churches and monasteries built, brought about educational reform and was crowned emperor in 800. However, the former ruler of the Franks also waged many wars and continuously expanded his empire. Aachen played a special role in Charlemagne’s life, as it was his “favourite residence”. Accordingly, many traces of the Frankish ruler can still be found in the city today. The excursion for our 30 pupils started at 8.00am with the coach. In Aachen, the students then took part in a guided tour of the cathedral and marvelled at the precious cathedral treasure, which attracts countless tourists every year. This was followed by a “scavenger hunt” through Aachen, which was not only fun, but also provided many new insights into the city. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Class 7ab once again for making the day a very special one with their motivation and interest.

    Petra Teutemann and Sabrina Lorenz


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