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  • 11.12.2023 Review

    Writing for freedom: the Amnesty International’s letter marathon

    On Human Rights Day (10 December), the years 11 and 12 of the philosophy course led by Roja Behnam and Anna Vogel took part in Amnesty International’s letter marathon. The students took an in-depth look at human rights and specific cases of human rights violations and wrote letters to those affected and members of the government. These letters are sent anonymously as part of the Amnesty letter marathon. In the past, Amnesty has already achieved significant successes through this campaign. The aim of the Amnesty Letter Marathon in schools is to provide interactive, participative and experience-orientated human rights education that has a lasting effect. The idea and principles of human rights as well as individual concrete rights are made tangible. The cases dealt with also create a link to current events and the human rights situation in various countries around the world.

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