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    It is often said that school is not the right place to prepare children and young people for “real life”.
    We, the team behind Tu-es-day, believe in a sustainable school of the future, in which learning opportunities are created where lifelong learning is possible. Since this school year, we have been working on giving the 5th grade a project work phase of around 8 weeks in the coming semester. Care is being taken to ensure that the Tu-es-day, which takes place once a week for four school hours, does not replace too many subject lessons.

    What is the Tu-es-day about?

    On Tu-es-day, life asks the questions. Students are on the trail of questions they have chosen themselves. They develop innovative and concrete solutions and implement their projects directly at school and in “real life”. Tu-es-day is a learning format that enables students to tackle the challenges of our time themselves and face them with courage, a sense of responsibility and creativity. On Tu-es-day, children and young people learn to become active themselves and move from thinking to acting.

    We are accompanied and inspired by the “Schule im Aufbruch” team in NRW. For those interested, here is the link to their exciting formats: https://schule-im-aufbruch.de/schule-im-aufbruch/lernformate/.

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