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  • 13.11.2023 Review

    Lantern parade in the KiBi and the GS

    “The darker the weather, the brighter the lanterns shine!”

    This year’s lantern parade was originally planned as a festive event with a horse, St. Martin, and lanterns for the children of KiBi and the 1st grades, leading through a nearby park. Due to the weather, it eventually took place in a cozy atmosphere in the school’s amphitheater. Despite this unforeseen change, we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. Instead, we joyfully sang lantern songs indoors while the rain poured outside. After everyone had fortified themselves with warm drinks and delicious St. Martin’s treats at the buffet, and the rain had subsided a bit, we were finally able to admire the horse in the schoolyard.

    We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the EBR of the KiBi for their great support in organising the celebration. For the fundraising campaign for the “Community Kitchen” at Holy Trinity Church, we would like to thank the iDSB Social Engagement team, who helped us with the coordination and arranged the contact.

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