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  • 24.10.2023 Review

    Football tournament in Leuven

    On October 18, 2023, our school participated in a soccer tournament in Kessel-Lo (Leuven). Over 150 students competed for victory on this Wednesday afternoon. The iDSB was represented by four teams, one from the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. In perfect weather, the boys had a lot of fun comparing themselves with other players of the same age from Flemish schools. They played football for two hours, and our teams gave it their all.

    We returned home with a 2nd place, a 3rd place, and a wealth of experience at 4 PM. Now, we will resume rigorous training in the soccer extracurricular, so that we may find ourselves on the winner’s podium in the second semester!

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