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  • 24.10.2023 News

    Competition: Classes at the iDSB collect plastic bottle lids!

    At the iDSB, plastic lids (e.g. from PET bottles and cosmetics containers) have been collected for several years. The plastic is recycled and the proceeds are used to train guide dogs. In this way, the iDSB makes a sustainable and social contribution.

    This school year there is a competition within the classes. The motivation of the students is therefore particularly high – classes 6a and 6b have submitted and already after about two weeks have collected almost 700g of plastic lids at school and at home!

    The campaign shows that everyone can make a small contribution – so before you throw away your next milk container or deodorant bottle, put the lid aside and give it to your children. The pupils and the Centre belge pour Chiens-Guides appreciate your support!

    For more information, follow this link:

    Action bouchons – Geleidehond.be

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