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    iDSB-Flea Market

    There are still a few weeks to go until the flea market on 14 October, but time goes by faster than you think and usually want it to – so that you have enough time to perhaps go through your cupboards and start sorting out or labelling, you will find the information for the autumn flea market and the autumn clothes exchange in the languages most commonly spoken at the iDSB: German, English, French and Dutch. We will be happy to send you the booking form for the flea market on request (flohmarkt@idsb.eu), and it will also be available on the website shortly. And of course we will answer any questions you may already have.

    Find every information you need in the documents hereafter:

    Veuillez trouver tous qu’en vous avez besoin dans les documents ci-dessous:

    Je vindt alle informatie die je nodig hebt in de volgende documenten:

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