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  • 13.06.2023 Review

    Per aspera ad astra! (through hardship one reaches the starts – as the Romans would have said)

    Four years ago, Antoinette Moretus Platin de Bouchout decided to take part in the Latin workshop. Since she enjoyed learning this language very much and in order to be able to make better use of what she had learned later on, she decided to take Latin as her third foreign language during the 8th grade. She had a hard year ahead of her, because she not only took part in the Latin club, but also in the regular lessons, i.e. 6 hours of Latin per week, in which she eagerly learned vocabulary and grammar, translated and analysed texts, but also learned about the most important aspects of Roman culture.

    However, since one cannot simply obtain the Latinum after only 4 years of learning with a positive end-of-year result, she had to take both a written and an oral examination with a foreign examiner. Mr. Rolf Küppers from Cologne agreed to come to our school for this purpose – thank you very much!

    Under the expert guidance of Dr. Katharina Wernig, Antoinette has spent the last few months learning the special features of Latin epistolary literature and poetry as well as Latin verse metre, since Pliny and Ovid were to be translated.

    And the effort was worth it.


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