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  • 31.03.2023 Review

    Religion classes distribute food to the homeless

    In March, several students and mothers accompanied the STREET KINDESS team from Serve the City under the guidance of Dr. Wernig. The day started with the preparation of lunch bags that everyone brought with them. We met at the Metro Kraainem in the late morning, where we were already able to make the first homeless people happy with hot drinks, lunch and hygiene bags. During the morning we distributed about 60 lunch bags to people in need in the metro stations of Brussels. As it was cold outside, our tea and coffee were very welcome. Dr Wernig and the STREET KINDESS team brought shoes and blankets, as well as small board games, which the volunteers also distributed. A morning full of impressions for the children, who approached the people hesitantly at first, but then took courage and sought conversation with the needy people in groups. Many thanks to all participants and especially to Mrs Wernig for her great initiative.

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