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  • 30.03.2023 Review

    Jugend musiziert national competition of German schools abroad in Oslo

    From Friday, 17.03. to Tuesday, 21.03., five pupils of the IDSB, who had qualified for the national competition at the regional competition “Jugend Musiziert” through outstanding performances and first prizes in each case, travelled to Oslo, where the German School there was the host this year.

    Sophia Wurst (piano), Lucas Lim (piano), Ava Schilb (classical singing), Tuna Sariünal (electric guitar), Charlotte Molema as well as her duo partner Sophia Ettl (pop singing) from the European School were there accompanied by Mr Schultze, who also sat on the pop jury.

    It was not only a personal gain for everyone, but also an artistic success! Three third and three second prizes were won, and we also met many students from other German schools abroad, e.g. from Warsaw, Budapest, Geneva, London and many other European cities.

    We also got at least some of our money’s worth in terms of tourism, for example when we visited a chocolate factory or the museum of the world-famous Norwegian painter Edward Munch.

    Exhausted but very satisfied, we returned home to Brussels from an exciting extended weekend.

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