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  • 14.02.2023 Review

    School development is (also) networking

    Last week, the iDSB successfully participated in the networking meeting “Forum German School Award” where we interacted with the top 20 schools in the annual Robert Bosch Foundation competition.

    This interaction with other schools, this year focusing on teaching development, is invaluable for the continuous transformation of our school. During the two-day networking workshop, we had the opportunity to engage in conversation about the latest developments in school and lesson development, identify existing challenges and develop new ideas.

    A special highlight was the lecture by Professor Gröschner from the University of Jena, who presented us with the latest scientific findings on the effectiveness of certain forms of teaching, among other things. It became clear that we are on the right track if we push ahead with the development of team structures, differentiation and independent learning, and if we develop a new culture of examination and error. We look forward to integrating our experiences and findings from the “Forum German School Award” into our school and thus offering our pupils even better learning conditions. Networking with award-winning schools was an important first step in this process.

    Nicole Bordelais, PQM

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