German as a second language

Being a German foreign school, we are particularly fond of the diversity of languages brought along by our families. We are a school with many children who grow up in a bilingual or multilingual environment. Children from German-speaking families who previously went to schools where a different language is spoken as well as children who come into contact with the German language for the first time at our school. This language treasure is an enrichment for our school, and we start off with every child at their own point in language development.

During their time in kindergarten and primary school, the children subconsciously learn a new language in a playful way. Our German as a second language program is based on this. After a well-founded assessment of the current language competence, the children are categorized into small groups where they are taught and assisted intensively using proven material from the “German for the school start” project ( This is done in a way that ensures that the children have great joy in learning German. We playfully develop language skills in vocabulary, grammar, writing, and phonological awareness.

Depending on the needs of the child, we recommend free basic support or paid extra classes (at least 4 school hours / intensive) for your child. These are integrated in the pre-school’s routine. Our teaching staff are trained continuously, monitored scientifically, and teach per the most modern language learning concepts.

All information about the costs of our DaZ/DaF lessons can be found in our current tutition fee regulation.

In our parents’ reader you will find tips and hints on how you as a parent can help your child learn German, even if you are not a native German speaker.

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