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  • 21.09.2023 Review

    Welcome to iDSB

    On Friday, 01.09.2023, we welcomed all children and students to the iDSB for the start of the new school year. Whether new or familiar children, it was once again an exciting first day of school.

    For our first graders, it didn’t start until the next day. The enrolment ceremony for the children and their families began on Saturday morning with a church service in the German-speaking Protestant Church in Brussels. Here, the deaconess welcomed the children, then the parents and grandparents as well as the teachers present to celebrate this new stage of their children’s lives together. Following the service, the iDSB children and their families, laden with their new school bags and beautifully decorated “school bags”, made their way to the primary school amphitheatre where they were greeted by the school administration. Afterwards, our new iDSB primary school children were warmly welcomed by the pupils of the second classes.

    With singing and skilful staging, those present were able to catch a glimpse of the school life to come, as there are many great things in school life at the iDSB, such as learning to read, write and do arithmetic, learning new languages, making friends and playing with them at break time.

    Finally it was time for the children to leave their parents and head to their classrooms for their first lesson with their new teachers, Mrs Briggs and Mrs Schubach. In the meantime, families were invited to enjoy a plate of delicacies and a cool drink in the schoolyard to sweeten the wait and meet other families. After the lesson, the children were welcomed by their families in the schoolyard. After a wonderful morning together, the children happily made their way home where, after much anticipation, they were finally allowed to open and unpack their “school bags”.

    We would like to thank everyone who made this day so special for the first graders! We wish all first graders a wonderful start into the new school year!

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