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Dear parents,

Three weeks of distance learning are behind us, bulging with new teaching forms, systems and experiences. Week after week we have been working together on our project "e-learning" and I think we can all be proud of the result. Our approach was strengthened by the outcome of the small survey we conducted at the beginning of the week and in which many of you took part. Thank you for the positive feedback! We are continuously working on the areas for which potential for improvement has been identified (in particular a better rhythmisation of the tasks and online conferences) and will keep you informed of any adjustments.

 In addition, we will of course inform you by e-mail as soon as there are new regulations from the Belgian authorities regarding the end of the lockdown. Please check your email regularly and by Saturday 18 April at the latest, also check our school website.

I think I speak for the whole team when I say how much I miss life in our school building - the younger and the older students, the colorful creativity and the varied projects. I became especially painfully aware of this last night: Under "normal" circumstances, our assembly hall would have been full with the joyful and expectant audience of our annual fashion show. But yesterday, the elaborately prepared costumes had to stay in the art room.

Dear twelve-graders, it is not only the missed fashion show - you are graduating from school in a turbulent time. But you can be sure that we are working hard on the preparation of the exams and will support you in all matters as best we can.

To all students of grade 10-12:

- Some of the exams planned for the period 16.3. to 3.4. have already been replaced by other formats ("exam substitutes"). Other exams have been postponed until after the Easter holidays. Accordingly, there will then be an updated schedule of exams. Since school events (excursions etc.) have been cancelled, new time slots for exams have opened up for the period after the Easter holidays.

- Whether the oral exams can take place at the currently scheduled time (15.-18.6.) or whether they have to be postponed will be decided as soon as we can foresee when attendance classes can be resumed.

But now, on behalf of the school management team and the whole iDSB team, I would like to thank you once again for your support over the past weeks and wish you and your families a relaxing Easter holiday. For your questions during the holidays, the secretariat can be reached daily between 9:00 and 12:00 by telephone (02 785 01 30) and by e-mail.

Enjoy the spring-like weather and the family time! Take long walks in the forest, read books you always wanted to read and above all - stay healthy!

Dear students, should you ever get bored during the holidays, we have prepared a list of exciting learning materials and apps as well as "analog" ideas for you in our iDSB blog ( Have fun there!

With best regards, yours Bettina Biste



During the Easter holidays (06 to 17 April 2020) you can reach our Welcome Office and the secretariat every day from 09:00 to 12:00.

Welcome Office: bzw. +32 2 785 01 35

Secretariat: bzw. +32 2 785 01 30



Thank you for all the positive feedback you sent us over the last few days!

From your Bilingual Pre-School (BVS): "A great thank you to the BVS-teachers on behalf of all the parents of the Bilingual Pre-School! The kids are enjoying the letters they receive from their teachers and the material really helps to keep them engaged!"

From our Primary School:
" I am very happy with the way everything has worked out so far. We are well provided for with the material - my compliments to the teachers!"

"So far, in my opinion the school has been doing a great job and I am curious about what will happen next week. We really appreciate that the teachers keep it serious but also playful and with a great positive attitude." 

From our Secondary School:

"The Virtual Classroom is great. My compliments to the school!"

"The first week of homeschooling worked out really well. Our daughter was hard at work and happy to be able to do something meaningful. A great thank you to all teachers!"

During the Easter holidays (06 to 17 April 2020) you can reach our Welcome Office and the secretariat every day from 09:00 to 12:00.

Welcome Office: bzw. +32 2 785 01 35

Secretariat: bzw. +32 2 785 01 30

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