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Thank you for all the positive feedback you sent us over the last few days!

From your Bilingual Pre-School (BVS): "A great thank you to the BVS-teachers on behalf of all the parents of the Bilingual Pre-School! The kids are enjoying the letters they receive from their teachers and the material really helps to keep them engaged!"

From our Primary School:
" I am very happy with the way everything has worked out so far. We are well provided for with the material - my compliments to the teachers!"

"So far, in my opinion the school has been doing a great job and I am curious about what will happen next week. We really appreciate that the teachers keep it serious but also playful and with a great positive attitude." 

From our Secondary School:

"The Virtual Classroom is great. My compliments to the school!"

"The first week of homeschooling worked out really well. Our daughter was hard at work and happy to be able to do something meaningful. A great thank you to all teachers!"

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iDSB Events

Fun auf dem Skateboard für die Grundschüler*innen

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Am 04. September 2021 haben wir unsere diesjährigen Erst-Klässler*innen feierlich begrüßt.

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Das war ein aufregender Tag für unsere 5. Klässler*innen - herzlich Willkommen an der Oberschule!

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