Jugend musiziert

‘Jugend Musiziert’ is the largest music competition for young people in Germany. It has been taking place since 1963 and currently enjoys over 20,000 participants at more than 170 locations annually. It includes both instrumental and vocal music. The underlying goal is to nurture the musical talent and promote the art of making music.

For over 20 years, the competition has also been held at German foreign schools in Northern and Eastern Europe. The International German School of Brussels started participating and serving as a venue for the regional competition in 2015.

Please contact Katja Nielsen in case of any questions: Katja.Nielsen@idsb.eu

The competition has three rounds.

Abroad, the regional competition takes place in January and February at the German foreign school of the respective country. Winners of the “1st prize” in this round qualify for the state competition.

The state competition is held in March of the respective year at a German school in the respective region.

Those who qualify in the state competition participate in the national competition in Germany. Approximately 2,000 young musicians from Germany and abroad come to the national competition every year. 

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