Languages at iDSB

In our bilingual kindergarten with preschool we work in a child-friendly way with the immersion method. In a "language bath", the children are looked after by a German-speaking and an English or French-speaking pedagogical expert, depending on the language chosen. 

Building on this, in the primary school we place great emphasis on the development of applicable language skills in English or French. Our foreign language classes (4 hours per week) are limited to a maximum of 16 children. We teach along the curriculum of the state of Thuringia and intensify this programem through our "Languae Ateliers", in which each primary school child profits from is diverse learning approaches.

From the 5th year on our students learn both French and English. From grade 8-10 Spanish can be taken as a third foreign language and from grade 10-12 Dutch as a third or fourth foreign language. Students who have knowledge of Latin are guided to the Latinum and those who wish can also learn it without grades during a study group in our all-day program.

From grade 5 onwards, we offer an optional bilingual programme: History or Biology are taught epochally in English, Economics is taught completely in Englishs starting in grade 10.

Language learning is enriched by exchanges with partner schools and a language trip in grade 9.

Cooperation with the Lycée Français

On the initiative of the German Ambassador Kotthaus and the French Ambassador Arnould, the school administrations of the iDSB and the Lycée Français Jean Monnet (Uccle) have reached a joint agreement on the occasion of the renewal of the Franco-German Friendship Treaty 2019, which offers students the opportunity to visit each other for a few days or even several weeks. During this time, the students take part in lessons at their partner school and live with a host family.

The aim of the exchange is to improve language skills and social competence in an intercultural environment.

The time and duration of the individual exchange are flexible and are determined in consultation with the host families and students. The possibility of an individual exchange is in open to students of all grades, provided that a suitable exchange partner is found. 

The condition for participation in the exchange project is an open-minded attitude towards the host culture and host family as well as the exchange partner.

Interested students apply with a letter (in French or German, including a photo) in which they introduce themselves and their family. The application will be forwarded to the Lycée Français via the iDSB French teachers.

Please find the cooperation agreement between the iDSB and the Lycée Français here:

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