On December 20, 2019, the IDSB welcomed parents, friends and family members to the traditional Christmas singing event for the BVS and primary school.

The event began with children from year one singing a beautiful Christmas song in French about ´Père Noël´. Then, after a short welcome by Frau Schwarzer, the children from the BVS gave a wonderful performance of ´Der Weihnachtsmann ohne Mütze´.

Our guests were then treated to a special Christmas musical performance involving the primary school choir and children from years one to four. The theater piece was based on the film `How the Grinch Stole Christmas´. It followed our three Grinches who attempted to put an end to Christmas by stealing Christmas-themed items from the homes of the nearby town on Christmas Eve.

In our story the three grumpy Grinches watched in disgust as families happily decorated their Christmas trees. They also observed children writing their wish lists for Santa Claus, falsely assuming the kids wished for more and more toys. Continuously annoyed by these Christmas activities, the Grinches planned a way to steal all the presents, trees, and food that the people had prepared for Christmas day. They would disguise themselves as Santa Claus, and Max the dog would be the reindeer. Meanwhile, the children thought about their Christmas wishes and became more and more excited in anticipation of Christmas day, hoping to stay up all night to catch a glimpse of Santa. After some discussion, they finally agreed to go to bed and sleep. The next morning the Grinches watched as the children woke up and realized that everything had been stolen. Rather than letting this spoil Christmas, they agreed that as long as they had each other, then that was enough to celebrate. The sight of this softened the hearts of the Grinches. They were sorry for what they had done and went to the children to apologise. Their apology was quickly accepted and they were invited to join everyone for a wonderful Christmas feast! In return, the Grinches offered to clean up and wash all the dishes while the family played a game together.

Throughout the performance, there were many musical moments with songs such as O Tannenbaum, Alle Jahre wieder, Morgen, Kinder, wird's was geben, Heute leuchten alle Sterne, Fröhliche Weihnacht überall, and Mary had a Baby, O Lord.

Frau Schwarzer then took the opportunity to thank Frau Brauer, Frau Berndt and all the children for a wonderful show. She also thanked the IDSB team – staff, volunteers, students and parents – for a successful school year so far, and wished everyone a peaceful and happy Christmas season.

The event ended with everyone singing ´O du Fröhliche´ before the children and their families departed for a well-earned Christmas break.

Text: Siobhan Magill; Fotos: Fija Lednicka

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