Origami Project Week with Lotus Rouge and the GSplus Team

From February 25 to March 1, children from the primary school participated in an Origami Project Week hosted by Mr. Michael David from Atelier Lotus Rouge and supported by members of the GSplus team.

The children from classes one to four worked together in three small groups every afternoon to gain an understanding of the art of paper folding. Their goal in every session was to transform a flat square sheet of paper into a finished sculpture by using folding and sculpting techniques.

With clear demonstration and instruction from Mr. David, they were able to produce some fun and intricate pieces of origami as the week progressed. These included items such as stars, caterpillars, finger puppets, butterflies, kimonos and an origami wallet in which each child could store all of their individual work. 

The project was an excellent way to entertain the children using French as a language, while at the same time stimulating their imagination. By making simple origami figures following a few easy steps, it helped the children to discover the fun world of paper art. The project also stimulated their creativity, helping to improve their coordination skills and giving them a better understanding of mathematics through the use of geometry.

Text: Siobhan Magill; Fotos: Fija Lednicka

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