On December 21, 2018, the iDSB welcomed parents of children from the BVS and the Grundschule to the traditional christmas singing event.

The event began with a wonderful song from all the children of the BVS and continued with children from the primary school presenting the story of Grimms´ fairy tale ´Die Sterntaler´. They told the story of the poor and homeless orphan girl who had only her clothing and a loaf of bread to her name. As she went out into the countryside she gave a hungry man her bread, and to three cold children she gave her cap, her jacket, and her dress. As she stood with nothing left at all, suddenly stars fall to earth before her, becoming money that would ensure her happy future.

Herr Gunter then took the opportunity to thank the IDSB team – staff, volunteers, students and parents – for a successful school year so far, and wished everyone a peaceful and happy Christmas season.

The event ended with everyone singing ´O du Fröhliche´ before the children and their families departed for a well-earned Christmas break.

Text: Siobhan Magill, Fotos: Fija Lednicka

Check out the parent`portal fpr more beautiful pictures of our "school photographer" Fija Lednicka! 

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