Another Successful Kiosk Takes Place at the IDSB Primary School

On December 5, 2019, the children at the IDSB primary school enjoyed the delicious snacks on offer at our ever-popular kiosk.

With the support of Frau Albl and some parents, the class representatives prepared and sold hot-dogs, waffles, popcorn, pancakes and juice drinks during both morning breaks.

The sweet and savory snacks were hard to resist and proved to be a welcome treat for our hungry young customers on this cold winter morning. As the air in the amphitheater filled with the appetizing smell from the warm waffles and popcorn, we saw all the children enjoying the opportunity to purchase one or more of the tasty refreshments.
Money raised from this special activity will be used to fulfill a few wishes for new equipment that all the children will be able to share and enjoy.


Fotos: Fija Lednicka, Text: Siobhan Magill

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