Our First-Year Students have Arrived at Last

After a long wait during the summer months, the day had finally arrived. Saturday September 7, 2019, was an important date for many young children as they finally marked their enrollment in the IDSB primary school.

The morning began with a church service at the German-speaking Evangelical Church in Brussels for all German-speaking first grade children in the city. Here, the Pastors welcomed both Evangelical and Catholic families to celebrate together this new phase in the life of their children.

After the Church service, and laden down with their new school bags and wonderfully decorated "Schultüten", the IDSB children and their families made their way to the school amphitheater where they were welcomed by Frau Schwarzer, the Head of the Primary School.

Then students from year two, supported by their teachers Frau Lehmann and Herr Imfeld, presented a short piece of theater – The School Ghost. Is there a ghost in school? Should the children be afraid of school? No, of course not! There are many great things about school life at the IDSB, e.g. learning to read, write and count, learning new languages, making friends and playing with them during the breaks, singing together. Oh, and the only time you might see a ghost is at our carnival celebration!

Finally it was time for the children to leave their parents and make their way to their classrooms with their new teachers, Frau Mayer and Frau Jonsson, for their first school lesson.
Meanwhile, the parents and other family members were invited to share in a delicious buffet and get to know the other families. After the school lesson, the parents were then allowed to visit the classrooms and pick up their children.

After spending a wonderful morning together, the children happily made their way home where, following much anticipation, they finally had the chance to open and unpack their "Schultüten".
We would like to thank all those who helped with the buffet and theater piece and we wish the first-grade students a wonderful start in the new school year.

Text: Siobhan Magill; Fotos: Fija Lednicka

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