Giraffes, Zebras, Lions and Meerkats inundate the iDSB Amphitheater in the Musical ´Tuishi Pamoja´

On June 27, 2019, the IDSB amphitheater opened its doors to students, families and friends, as the warm summer evening transformed the school into a beautiful savanna where the primary school children presented ´Tuishi Pamoja´, a vibrant musical set in Africa with a great message about diversity, tolerance and friendship.

The children from the Musical AG and the primary school choir created a wonderfully uplifting and colourful spectacle, with the stage inundated by giraffes, zebras, meerkats, lions, and at one point even ghosts!

The big question posed throughout the performance was whether stripes or spots are more important in the animal world? This was a difficult question for both the young giraffe Raffi and Zea the zebra, whose herds lived side by side, falsely believing that the other herd was worthless. Throughout the musical we watched Raffi and Zea struggle as they were attacked by lions and separated from their families. The audience waited in anticipation as the two animals became less hostile to each other and eventually developed a friendship with the help of some meerkats.

With a repeat performance on the morning of June 28, all the children from the primary school, as well as classes 5 and 6 from the secondary school, had the opportunity to view the spectacle one more time and enjoy the beautiful songs, costumes and music – the results of weeks of hard work and dedication. Many thanks to all those who supported this event both on and off the stage, with costumes, hair, make-up, sound and lighting and refreshments. Thanks also to Frau Meyer and the children in the AG `Kunst auf Französisch` for the stage setting and scenery.

A great team effort, perfectly summing up the theme itself – ´Tuishi Pamoja´ - ´we want to live together´.

Text: Siobhan Magill, Fotos: Fija Lednicka

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