Administrative board

The administrative board is as a team with different responsibilities and a common goal of safeguarding the welfare of the association, its members, the school, and the students. 

  • Dr. Gabriela M. Sierck, President (chair of the personnel committee, member of the construction commitee, contact for AA and ZfA)
  • Stephan Bauer, Vice president (member of the personnel committee, member of the finances workgroup, IT contact person) 
  • Barbara Geilen, Vice president (contact WDA, marketing, member of school development workgroup) 
  • Stefan Frey, Secretary general and Treasurer (chair of the finances workgroup, member of the construction commitee, member of the schoolfee committee)
  • Rolf Dziallas (chairman of the construction committee)
  • Anne Grömer (member of the finances workgroup, auditing)
  • Lukas Janauschek (alumni, member of the construction committee, contact for students)
  • Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Voigt (member of the finances workgroup, member of the construction committee, contact for parents)
  • Dr. Christian Widmaier
  • Kerstin Born-Sirkel

How are the parents involved in the administrative board?

The chair of the parents’ advisory board and his/her first deputy participate in the open meetings of the administrative board in an advisory capacity. In addition, the president of the parents’ advisory board is consulted during staff selection procedures. 

School management and administrative board

The headmaster, just like the foreign service personnel, is sent by the Federal Republic of Germany and appointed by the administrative board. The school administration, which is represented in the administrative council, consists of the headmistress, her assistant, head of the primary school, and the administrative director. The administrative board is responsible for key issues, especially financial and strategic issues on school management and also has a supervisory role. The headmaster is tasked with overseeing the current school administration and management. Educational matters are solely the responsibility of the headmaster.


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