Administrative board

The administrative board is as a team with different responsibilities and a common goal of safeguarding the welfare of the association, its members, the school, and the students. 

  • Dr. Christian Widmaier, President
  • Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Voigt, Vice president
  • Barbara Geilen, Secretary general
  • Stephan Bauer, Treasurer
  • Lukas Janauschek
  • Sofia Moretus
  • Matthias Munny
  • Dr. Joachim Schulz



The Representative of the Administrative Board is Mr. Wolfgang Weber.

How are the parents involved in the administrative board?

The Chair of the Parents' Council participates in the open meetings of the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity. In addition, the Chairperson of the Parents' Council is consulted during staff selection procedures.

School management and administrative board

The head teacher, like the foreign service teachers, is seconded by the Federal Republic of Germany and appointed by the Administrative Board. The school management and the Administrative Board work together in a spirit of trust. The Headmaster regularly attends the meetings of the Administrative Board in an advisory capacity. As a matter of principle, the Administrative Board consults with the Head of School on essential questions, especially financial and strategic ones, and also exercises a supervisory function. In order to ensure this, there is a regular 'Jourfixe' between representatives of the Administrative Board (as a rule President, General Secretary, BdV) and the School Management in addition to the Administrative Board meetings.


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