Our guiding principles

We are a German-speaking school located right in the heart of Europe that operates in an international environment. The German language and German culture are the basis of our teaching and learning programs. Our school is a point of encounter and intercultural dialogue. 

Our school is appealing

We welcome all our new students and new employees in an open and familial atmosphere. We make it possible for them to integrate easily and fast. Our school life is characterized by close cohesion, mutual appreciation, and trust. 

We offer diverse paths

We offer our students individualized development paths in all school branches. We shine light to the different ways through which everyone can achieve his/her goals in an open learning culture. Our students learn to be self-confident and professional. We undertake to ensure our students become value-oriented personalities who have the courage to shape the future. 

Educational quality is imperative for us

We strive to ensure high-quality teaching standards. We work closely with external experts to ensure continuous development of the school in order to continue being courageous and innovative in the future. Our staff in the pre-school, teachers, and those tasked with administrative responsibilities are distinguished by exceptional motivation, high commitment, and their high level of professionalism. 

We learn from each other

Our school places great value in learning with each other and from each other. We work in close cooperation with students and parents to shape an attractive school. 

Our partners


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