Global Connections Group

The Global Connections Group is an organization founded by pupils of the International German School in Brussels to promote social and political commitment on an international level with a focus on young people.

The projects offered in this context include panel discussions with well-known personalities from the political and business fields. These discussions are held regularly at the school. Global understanding is encouraged through dialogues with pupils from all over the world such as Korea, Malaysia, and many more.

Participants are from all classes and are led by a strong 8-person core team.

The GCG relies on a global network of partners for all its projects. The partners include German schools around the world, Hult University, and social organizations, especially from developing countries.

More information about the Global Connections Group can be found at!

At the International German School of Brussels, the GCG is currently headed by its president, Patrick Freyer, and chair, Julia Milis. You can contact either of them at any time through – for project proposals, further inquiries, or if your child is interested in participating. 

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