Space for development

The school is housed in two spacious buildings that are opposite each other. We offer large, friendly classrooms, state-of-the-art facilities, attractive sporting facilities, break areas, and playgrounds. The classrooms are equipped with electronic boards, so-called smartboards. Our spacious kindergarten and primary school complex was recently modernized extensively. Both the elementary and secondary schools have their own fully equipped library. The secondary school library can be used by all students for their personal study. Food is available in the bistro or our dining hall.

Orientation point for the German-speaking community

The school is an important cultural and communicative meeting point in the life of Brussel’s German speaking community. In addition to our school guests, we also host high-profile events. We have two beautiful assembly halls – an aula with modern stage technology and an amphitheater – which we use for festivals as well as internal and external events. 

Unique learning atmosphere

The International German School of Brussels is a pleasant, 2 to 3-stream school with small classes. We ensure an open, family-like atmosphere and quickly integrate new students into our school community. Our location on the outskirts of the European capital is not only green and dust-free but also free of drugs and violence. Currently, we have about 560 students in elementary and secondary school. Our bilingual kindergarten with pre-school currently has about 120 children. 



Our partners

Internationally accredited