At a glance

School structure

Our Realschule starts with class 6 and goes to class 9, after which the pupils are awarded a school-leaving certificate or proceed to class 10 for the intermediate school-leaving certificate.

Classes and number of pupils

Pupils in classes 6 to 8 learn together with the secondary school pupils in differentiated classes. Towards the end, the Realschul students are intensely prepared for the final examinations in a small, inter-year middle-school class (classes 9 and 10). The class currently has about 10 pupils.

School hours

Our pupils are taught in compulsory classes from 8:00 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. On Wednesday and Friday, classes end at 1:10 p.m.

Classroom language


Foreign languages & options

We offer English classes for pupils in the Realschule. If interested, the pupils can also choose to learn French or Dutch as a second foreign language.


Teaching is based on the Thuringian Educational Plan, which is considered a high-quality educational standard and approved by German authorities. This thus makes it possible to easily change schools within German Foreign schools and in Germany. In addition, our comprehensive school curriculum is also tailored to the needs of our pupils.

School-leaving qualification

Upon successful completion of secondary school, the pupils are qualified to start their professional life, ready to move to class 10 in the upper secondary school, or class 11 in the Fachoberschule.

Our welcome culture includes…

  • try-out days before a possible registration
  • companionship by a godchild who helps your child during the initial phase
  • many opportunities to make friends with schoolmates quickly in our school programs
  • a school community that offers you excellent tips and a network to help you quickly and easily find your way in Belgium 

Registration REALschule


+32 (2) 785 01 35

Head of REALschule

Karoline Kocher

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