Every school thrives from the diversity of each individual!

We treat every child based on the individual requirements and guide them through primary school to prepare the path for the next stage in their education.

We always appreciate having committed and educationally interested parents whose children were born in Belgium, Germany, or other parts of the world and who enrich us both culturally and linguistically.

At our school, not only do we consider diversity an opportunity but also a necessity for small children to become self-reliant learners and develop a community spirit, tolerance, sense of responsibility as well as be able to deal with critics positively. Anyone who wants to live and work as a team player needs strong social skills. Numerous concepts that are anchored in our curricula, as well as social educational programs of our employees, ensure the important social aspect at the school.

In order to offer the possible educational support to our primary school pupils, we have very professional support systems for every child:

Support center

During the morning class hours, our support center offers room, peace, and time to solve different problems. It serves as a place where the pupils can practice and experiment independently, work flexibly in small groups during class, and clarify real worries and minor difficulties.

There is a pedagogical employee to help the children with learning difficulties or emotional challenges as well as offer individual support or assistance in small groups if necessary. Not only are our pupils enthusiastic about this, the teachers are always grateful for the assistance and chance to support and challenge the children. Here, trust in working independently is particularly important for the children.

German as a foreign language

About 50 % of the pupils in our primary school grow up in a bilingual or multilingual family. We want to further strengthen these language skills of our pupils.

At the same time, teaching of the German language is a critical mandate for our school. We offer intensive support, either individually or in small groups, for native and foreign speakers.


We include parents from kindergarten on, advise parents on individual needs, and guide our children with and without inclusion diagnosis on their individual education and life path.

Psychological-pedagogical service

The school’s psychological-pedagogical service offers your child, all parents, and employees excellent and professional advice and support outside of Germany. 

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