iDSB-Berufsbörse / Job-Dating

Since 1998, the iDSB-Berufsbörse ("career coaching") has been an integral part of the career and study guidance at our school. Since 2018, it`s held in the form of a job dating evening, during which students can talk directly to people from a wide variety of professional fields.

Many speakers from the fields of science & technology, medicine, the humanities, law and business and much more are happy to answer questions from young people in grades 9 to 12 in 30-minute discussions.

In the heart of Europe, the iDSB benefits from a unique network, formed both by parents working in a variety of fields and by graduates of the school ("alumni"), who are always happy to function as discussion partners.

Our school management is also convinced of the benefits of the iDSB-Berufsbörse: "As a school we do not fulfil an end in itself, but want to prepare our students specifically for their entry into study and professional life. The opportunity for direct conversations with people who are already at work is an important building block here."

Many schools try to provide orientation on the way into working life, for example through internships or vocational counsellors. However, the iDSB-Berufsbörse is probably unique, especially with its many opportunities for direct exchange.

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